The base of our home should always be strong enough to make us feel stronger. To have the luxury and quality together, natural stone tiles are the solution. Natural stone tile, as the name shows, is naturally derived and more durable than any other tile.

Nature should be near us in all ways. Be it gardening or flooring. The flooring made of natural stone carries a classic beauty as well as lasting value for your space. Today people prefer to have natural stone floor tiles as they last longer. 

Types of natural stone tiles:


The top pick for natural stone flooring and countertops. It is a soft calcium-based stone. It is available in different varieties and sizes to enhance the look of your space.


When searching for durability over anything, granite is superior to all-natural stones. It doesn’t scratch or etch. Colours and patterns are available in a wide range.


The unique character and appearance of this natural stone formed from hot spring water make it an attractive flooring option.


The name only has quarts which mean crystal, so quartzite is known for its crystal shine and scratch-resistant property.


The amazing cleft texture with fine grains is attractive in texture and durable as well. Various colour options to choose from are available while choosing slate.


This is again one of the most used natural stone floor tiles. The rock is made up of calcium carbonate in the form of mineral calcite. Limestone is known for its durable quality and works better for bathrooms, living rooms or outdoor flooring.


Sandy stone brings warmth and evokes the desert and beach in our hearts. It has minimal patterns but elegant styles composed of cemented silicates, quartz, clay, slit and feldspar.

All of the natural stones are worth installing in one or the other space in your area. It’s because the finish that natural stone gives cannot be seen and felt with any other tile.

Natural stone tile finish:

Polished: The glossy mirror-like texture. 

Honed: The satin-smooth matte surface is not shiny or reflective.

Tumbled: The finish is more coarse and textured. It will not be completely flat and smooth.

Benefits of natural stone floor tiles:

  1. The durability is the first advantage of using natural stone. There is no questioning over it.
  2. All stone tiles have excellent heat retention. It feels cozy and comfortable to walk on the stone floor in winter precisely.
  3. The beauty of natural stone floor tile is raw and organic. The beauty is like never before.
  4. There is no high maintenance of stone tiles. Just regular sweeping and mopping is necessary.
  5. One of the great advantages of installing natural stone tile is that it is always repairable. It can be polished and will look like a new tile installed.


With a wide range and benefits of using natural stone floor tiles, what is there to think twice? Nothing, right. Just choose the perfect fit for your space and keep your head up and going.