The best bedding for you is one that suits your body type and comfort preferences. Based on this observation, several essential criteria will allow you to define your best bedding. You must appreciate the importance of the support adapted to your morphology, then determine your preferences regarding comfort and finally to look at the questions of ventilation if you are subject to transpiration. Will remain to approach the question of the price! Click here for Farmhouse Bedding.

How to ensure sleeping independence?

You wake up when your spouse moves! Be aware that manufacturers have developed devices, both concerning mattresses, which will allow you to rest better! Sleeping independence prevents the transmission of movements from one bed to another. For example, if you choose a box spring, we advise you, from the dimension 160×200, to select it in two parts. This problem does not arise for a slatted frame. Also, with two mattresses, we advise you to choose a single mattress to avoid the discomfort of joining two mattresses: hard point in the center for mattress springs or the soft spot for foam mattresses. Visit this site for Farmhouse Bedding.

I sleep badly, my bedding is involved?

The quality of sleep depends, among other things, on the state of the bedding and its adaptation to the sleeper. Is your bedding out of order? The lifespan of a quality mattress and box set is given for 10 to 12 years maximum. Past these deadlines, your bedding is in question! Is your bedding unsuitable? One can sleep poorly in new and expensive bedding if its sleeping support is unsuited to its morphology. Support, linked to the suspension, ensures the best position of the spine. This is the key to an excellent backrest. Its adaptation to the morphology of the sleeper is the crucial step in the purchase of bedding. Sleep is restless, and your bedding is involved!

I have back problems, which bed to choose?

Experience shows that good bedding does a lot for the back if the bedding (mattress + box spring) is adapted to the morphology and comfort preferences of the user. The vertebral discs are lubricated with an aqueous solution. During the day, they get bogged down and lose their water. It is understood that their recovery is facilitated during sleep if the vertebrae are kept decompressed and parallel to each other. As a preliminary reflection, you must appreciate the importance of the support that suits you, then research according to your morphology.

I have heavy legs, which bed do Ichoose?

If you have heavy legs, it is recommended by the medical staff to raise the feet of the bed base continuously from 3 cm to 7 cm maximum. This value can be raised to 15 cm for a limited time. The mattress thus raised facilitates blood circulation in the legs with minimal cardiac effort and without breaking the back. To achieve this slight elevation, it is convenient to have a slatted bed base that allows a smooth recovery of the entire bed from the feet. This declivity can be manual or associated with electric bedding.