Living with termites, mosquitos, ants, and other pests is certainly not the experience you want. The truth is, pests are a genuine nuisance in Louisiana, and more often than not, homeowners ignore the first few signs of infestation, only to deal with bigger problems later. You may have seen hacks on the internet that promise to get rid of nasty critters and pests, but these are only temporary fixes. You need a professional Louisiana pest control company for the job, and if you have never hired one, we have a few pointers for your help.

  1. Always choose a locally-based licensed company. Pest control companies are required to have valid licenses and permissions to operate in Louisiana. Make sure to select a service that’s based in your area and will offer the support you need. You can check online for listings and top-rated businesses.
  2. Look for insurance. While insurance may not be your first priority, you must consider the hard work and risks of controlling pest infestations. If the workers are not insured, or the company doesn’t have general liability insurance, you may end up with unwanted add-ons later.
  3. Ask for a maintenance contract. Yes, you need to get rid of the current situation, but pest control is much more than just a one-time fix. You should ideally look for a service that’s available around the year and can offer an annual maintenance contract. The experts will check your home every few months and take steps to avoid new risks.
  4. Consider their expertise. What kind of pests or rodents does a pest control service deal with? That’s another valid question you must ask. A company that can deal with every situation, right from roach infestations and mosquitos, should be your first choice.
  5. Get an estimate. This one is a no-brainer. You need an estimate for the job, which should be based on the level of infestation. Expect a professional service to check and inspect your property and give you a detailed quote. Don’t choose a company because they are offering the lowest price.
  6. Look for warranties. It makes no sense to spend on the same pest issue twice in a month. Ask the company if they offer any warranty on the job or what is covered in the work done by them. It would help if you insisted on a written contract too.

Get a pest control company for your Louisiana home now.